Fuego - Best Sandwich in New York City Chopping Block

When searching for a good restaurant or good food, what are the metrics that you actually use? Is it Yelp reviews? Is it recommendations from friends? Regardless of where the recommendation is from, we still look for certain traits to make a restaurant somewhere you’d travel to in order to have a meal.

Chopping Block in New York City is one of such restaurants that carry many of the traits that we search for in restaurants. They are a very hip restaurant, with a semi-grungy atmosphere, with good music. They carry a variety of foods ranging from sandwiches, to salads, to entrees. Their most popular items would be their sandwiches.

Being a New Yorker, we might have a very narrow idea of the sandwich. We are used to deli, Subway, and diner sandwiches. That is what makes Chopping Block interesting, because they seek to reinvent the idea of the sandwich for New Yorkers. The sandwiches do not include heroes, rolls, or cold cuts. The bread is usually hot pressed focaccia. The option for meats includes brisket, spicy herbed chicken, roast beef, eggplant, and more. Yes, a lot of the food here is actually slow roasted in house, that means you get a high quality and flavorful sandwich.

Each sandwich is layered with different fresh ingredients. The sauces are unique in its own, as each has its own unique recipe. One of my favorites is the Brisket Rubenesque, which includes the slow roast brisket that I spoke about. It includes sauerkraut, caraway seed, Russian dressing, and melted Swiss cheese. The combination gives a completely new taste to the brisket, and to the sandwich. So you have a clear idea of how their sandwiches differ from other sandwich shops/delis/restaurants. I would say Chopping Block has the best sandwiches in NYC, hands down.

Another great thing about this restaurant is that they offer catering in NYC. That means they have the capability of making these sandwiches and salads fresh and in bulk without compromising the quality of the food. They also offer several other options from homemade recipes that are not normally on the in-store menu.

Chopping Block has a number of desserts and sides on rotation that are always interesting to try, and darn good as well. Some of the items that I have had were the brownies (which by the way were amazing), white chocolate chip cookies, milkshakes, and root beer floats. Every time I pop in, the server tells me about these other crazy ideas that they’ve been working on. I really can’t wait to see what more this restaurant has to offer.